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X-Change Warranty Certificate DIWA.2

Step 1

Step 2

Section 1 - Test bus at a standstill, engine is not running.
Visual Inspection
Cables 1 and 2
Replaced cable 1
No bent pins
No cracks or chafing
Visual Inspection
Oil hoses
No cracks or chafing
Hoses up to 4 years old
Hoses older than 6 years old
Visual Inspection
Vehicle radiator and air charge cooler
Sandwich design
Side by side
Visual Inspection
Radiator Fin condition
Not bent
Visual Inspection
Radiator Airflow
Not blocked
Section 2 - Test bus at a standstill ignition on. All instructions can be found in Voith Fault Finding Manual DIWA.2 55.6295.10
Test BOx H582910xx
Voltage 24V engine off
Voltage 24V engine on
Load transmitter signal engine on. L1, L2. DDEC engines only use L3 signal for gear inhibit
Brake switches B1, B2, B3
Section 3 - Road test bus.
Light Box H583169xx
Road Test
Gear shift quality good
No oil leaks
Oil level good

Step 3

* mandatory